Electric Face Cleansing Brush For EFFORTLESS Skincare

In this review I’m going to talk about the best electric face cleansing brush. I’m massively in love with this device.

My favorite thing about myself is definitely my skin.

Having great skin is so important. When I get a giant pimple or I see those little lines and wrinkles, it can really take a toll on my confidence.

I try to get facials whenever I can, but who has time to do that. Women are busy. Our schedules are packed. We don’t have time to go to the spa every month but we still want great skin and we won’t compromise.

That’s why I love the Foreo Luna 2.

Electric Face Cleansing Brush

It’s an electric facial cleansing brush and an anti-aging device. So it cleans the skin and treats it.

It’s like taking the spa home with you in between treatments.

It’s exactly the same tool dermatologists and estheticians use in their offices and spas.

It’s designed to give me professional results at home on my own terms.

First off, it’s great for cleansing. Instead of just slopping on face wash and sort of pushing it around your skin, it uses two motors for alternating pulsations that remove up to 98.5% dirt, oil and makeup residue.

It also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.

So it’s sort of like a microdermabrasion treatment, but it’s so much gentler on your skin because it’s made from soft silicone and it’s bacteria resistant. It’s 35 times more hygienic than a nylon bristle brush.

On the back of the brush is the anti-aging device with smooth ridges that channel a lower frequency pulsation and help smooth the look of lines and wrinkles.

So it’s like a massage for your face that helps boost circulation and lets your skincare products absorb even better.

That’s what I love about the Luna 2. It’s a one-time investment because you don’t have to worry about swapping out the brush head every few months.

You don’t even have to worry about charging it. You don’t have to worry about anything.

electric face cleanser

I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in my skin.

You don’t have to go to the spa to take time for yourself. You can have your skincare ritual every single day.

Taking just a few minutes for yourself each day is something that every woman deserves.

Different Foreo Luna 2 devices are available.

Foreo has a range of different cleansing devices. However with the Luna 2, which is the most high-tech device in the range, although they look like they’re just different colors, they actually do have different formations so they’re suitable for different skin types.

If we look closely at the bristle formation, we can see that they’re different for each skin type.

With the normal skin, you’ve got lots of tiny little bristles at the bottom and they grade up to slightly bigger ones at the top. That’s for those hard to reach areas, like around the nose.


It has 12 speeds which all the devices do, which mean that you can change up your skincare routine at different times a year, depending on your skin’s different needs.

If you work your way through the range, you’ve then got the sensitive device. That has small silicon bristles all the way through because they’re the most gentle and the least stimulating which is perfect for sensitive skin.


You’ve then got a combination skin. That’s probably the most interesting one. That has a complete mixture of bristles. Starts off small moves to medium and then you’ve got actually extra-large bristles at the top.


If you’re one of those skin types that’s got oily areas through the forehead and through the nose but then some sensitive areas around the chin and your cheeks are normal, that’s the device for you because you can use the different areas of the brush to work on those different skin types.

Then you have the oily and actually that’s quite a different formation altogether. The silicone bristles are wider and they’re slightly flatter, which allows you to work the cleanser in more deeply and get a better cleanse with that oily skin.


Finally we’ve got the men’s device. It comes in black and that one has even wider bristles, which are designed to be able to deal with a slightly less sensitive skin that men tend to have. But also to work the cleanser into the beard.


So if you’ve got a bit of facial hair or stubble and you want to actually still get that really good cleanse, the men’s device is perfect for that.

As I said, they all come with 12 speeds but they also all come with the anti aging section on the back.

So after you’ve cleansed for one minute using the front section, you turn it over and you use those t-sonic vibrations to push your serums into the typically wrinkly areas.

2 More Options

There is also Luna Mini 2.


This device is great for the person on the go. It’s got two separate sides.

A little bit more of a gentle side and then you can flip it over for more an aggressive side for daily use or those days where you spend a lot of time outdoors or a day at the gym and you really need that deep aggressive cleanse.

There is also Luna Play.


This is a great electric device for that person who’s just really unsure about cleansing devices or they need something ultra tiny for people who travel a lot.

This one is only good for about a hundred uses but it’s a great opportunity to give you a chance to really try it out and see if it’s something that you’re really going to end up using so that way you can get into your Mini or Luna 2.

All of these Luna deep cleansing devices are wonderful, for all skin types, all ages and all different types of people.

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How to Use Luna 2 Electric Face Cleansing Brush

So you received your device. How do you use it.

The first way that you’re going to use Luna is as your cleansing system.

You’re going to use your favorite cleanser, whether it’s a lotion cleanser or cream cleanser, any type of cleanser you prefer.

You would lather the cleanser up on your face or you can actually put the cleansing product right on the device.


You’re going to turn the device on.

There is a variable of speeds there. You’re going to use the plus sign to increase the pulsation pattern or the minus sign to bring it down a little bit, whatever is most comfortable for you.

In a circular motion, you’re going to use the silicone touch points side on the face and you’re going in circular motions for one minute all over to cleanse the face.


This will remove your makeup if you’re using a makeup removing cleanser.

With the tip of the device, where the silicone touch points are a little more dense, you want to pay special attention to the t-zone area where your skin has tendency to be more oily or makeup gets captured in those areas to really help to loosen all of the makeup and the oil and the impurities out of the pores.

So again, one minute all over the face and you’re done.

It pauses after one minute. What you want to do is you want to hit the button and put it in a hibernation mode.

Rinse off your cleanser.

Then you’re going to apply your treatments, your creams, your serums, whatever anti-aging products or moisturizing products that you have.

Apply those all over your face and put your eye cream on.

Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to hit the button again and the device goes into what’s called anti aging mode. It’s a deeper frequency.


You want to flip the device over to the wave side, where it’s got waves on on the back, and in 15-second intervals you want to press and hold the device in the areas that you want to focus with anti-aging properties.


That will really help to drive the ingredients of the products that you’ve applied to your skin deeper into the skin.

Every 15 seconds the light at the bottom is going to blink and indicate to move it to the next zone.

Again one minute you’re going to do four zones all over your face in the anti aging mode and then you’re done.

You hit the button again and turn the device off.

How do you care for and maintain this device.

This device is so easy to keep clean. Warm water and soap will remove all the debris, all the makeup and any kind of dirt that might be on the device.

The best part about the silicone material is that bacteria does not form and stick on this device so it’s very easy to keep clean.

You can either store it right on your bathroom counter or slip it in the antibacterial satin pouch that it comes with.

Summary of Foreo Luna 2


The Luna 2 delivers a tailor-made, 2-minute skincare ritual that reveals smoother, more radiant-looking skin after just one use.

The latest, enhanced T-Sonic technology is up to twice as powerful, removing 98.5% percent of dirt, oil and makeup residue for fresher, healthier, looking skin.

The Luna 2 is fully customizable with brushes tailored to normal, sensitive combination, and oily skin types and 12 adjustable intensities so you can find what works best for you.

The Luna 2’s advanced anti-aging mode targets lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging with a comfortable facial massage that uses lower-frequency pulsations and helps product absorption.

100% of users experienced more radiant skin and 95% experienced smoother skin.

The second generation brush head is designed to deliver the most luxurious and personalized experience yet.

The new brush head is 50% bigger with longer, softer touch points for more effective cleansing and enhanced comfort and performance.

The thicker silicone brush cushions your skin for an indulgent spa-like sensation.

The Luna 2 is made of nonporous medical grade silicone making it 35 times more hygienic than a nylon bristle brush.

It’s also 100% waterproof.

You never need to buy replacement brush heads and you only need to charge it once every seven months.

The award-winning Luna range has generated buzz with leading industry names and has earned rave consumer reviews.

Isn’t it time you reveal your naturally gorgeous glow?

Discover your best skin with the Luna 2.

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