Best Electric Facial Cleanser (Radiant, Glowy & Soft Skin)

This is the Zoe from QYK Sonic. It is the best electric facial cleanser on the market.

best electric face cleanser

When you get Zoe, it comes in a box that is really nice and when you open it up, you see the facial brush. It comes with a charger and a little bag to carry the device.

zoe cleanser

The Zoe is three in one anti-aging sonic beauty device. It helps to cleanse, massage and apply any of your favorite skin care products.

Any products that you have for your skin, you can use it with the Zoe, which is awesome.

The Zoe has two sides and on the front it has a button where you turn it on.

I’ve been trying the Zoe out for about a week now and I have seen so much growth in my skin and how it looks.

It looks a lot better than what it did last week after I have used this deep cleansing device. When I first used it, it was really cool to my face because it was something different.

I would just massage all my products on. I did it every single day. I would use the Zoe in the morning and then I would use it at nighttime when I was washing my face or I’m in the shower.

What I could tell in the very beginning was that my skin was very soft. When I used this the first time, I swear to you, my skin was like a baby’s bottom, literally. So, so soft!

I have a few little dark spots on my forehead and that’s where I get breakouts.

deep cleansing facial brush

I used the Zoe to apply my cleanser in that area to see if it would really work. So I tried it for about a week and after the third day, I could tell that my skin was getting clearer.

It was more radiant, it was more glowy. I could tell just a total difference. I didn’t change my eating or anything like that.

My bumps went away because I did have a few bumps on the forehead before I tried the cleanser.

I do a lot of makeup to my face so when I saw this product I was so happy because I needed something to deep cleanse my skin.

I know a lot of you do not have a lot of money to go get facials and deep cleansing your skin and really taking care of your skin.

I want to tell you, this Zoe is a must-have device.

electric face cleansing brush

It’s going to take care of your skin like it’s supposed to. It’s going to deep cleanse your face and on top of that, like I said, it’s going to make your face very radiant and glowing.

Those are the only three words that I can say: radiant, glowy and soft.

What better do you want with skin?

The Zoe has 15 different intensities to it. So when you turn it on, it starts to vibrate. It has the plus button on one side and then the minus button on the other to turn it down.

The Zoe’s front side features thin, softer bristles to cleanse all skin types. When I say all, I mean
all: oily, combination and dry skin.

It channels 6000 sonic multi pulsations throughout the silicone touch points to deeply cleanse your skin. It unclogs your pores of 99.5% of the impurities and removes all dead skin cells.

The Zoe’s medium to hard bristles on the back stimulate a micro needle treatment that provides a gentle anti aging massage.

top rated facial cleansing brush

Think about this.

When you apply your moisturizers and other stuff to your face, you’re using your hands and your fingers.

What happens is that all those things on your fingers, dirt, oil, bacteria, they all end up in your skin.

So with this device, when you are applying moisturizers and your serums, you won’t use your finger tips that have that dirt residue or that natural oil that we have in our fingertips to get into your pores and clog them.

The Zoe works in three simple steps.

The first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to apply some of your favorite cleanser to your face.

Then what I do is I turn the Zoe on, I like to get the front side wet and then I like to just do circular motions on my face.


Once I’m done with that, what I like to do is rinse my face with warm water and then pat my face dry.

I think I have covered everything on this little beautiful electric facial cleanser that’s going to help with everybody’s skin. When I say everybody, I mean everybody skin.

You can choose between six colors:

zoe colors

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