FANTASTIC Deep Cleansing Facial Brush (Better Than Spa)

Here you will learn about this really cool deep cleansing facial brush by company called QYK Sonic.


When it comes to skincare, many people are pretty lazy. Some of them have brushes that are similar to the Clarisonic and what they don’t like is how many steps it takes to wash their face using these brushes.

You have to plug it in, you have to charge it, you have to put on the bristle, you have to make sure that it’s clean. Then after you’re done washing your face, if you want to apply skincare you have to change the bristle to something else and it just takes too long.

So when these people find out about QYK Sonic and their three in one device, they are very interested.

The device comes in a cute little box and its called Zoe. It says on the box that it’s a multi-use massaging facial cleanser.

When you open it up it looks like this:

zoe cleanser

Beside the cute deep cleansing facial brush, inside you also have a little carrying bag and a charging cable.

Initially what caught my attention is the size of this product. It’s so compact which I love because I travel a lot and when I do I try and pack as light as I possibly can. My old cleansing brush comes in a big bulky box that always takes up so much room.

So the first thing that really grabbed my attention with this thing is that it comes in this handy little bag.

Once it’s fully charged, it can actually wash your face 300 times. If you only deeply cleanse your face at night, that means that this thing will last you almost a year without having to recharge it. That’s incredible!

What is so cool about this thing is it has two sides. One for skin care and one for facial cleansing.

On the front side it says Zoe and it has a little power button and then it has a plus and a minus symbol. You can adjust the strength of the vibration depending on if you want a deeper cleanse or if you lower the vibration, it can massage in the skincare.

It is really great that it is adjustable because it is very powerful.

The front flat side is what you use to cleanse your face and then the back side is what you use for skin care.

Here are some of the facts and the benefits about Zoe that makes this product so cool.

It looks different than most facial cleansing brushes, like the Clarisonic, but it’s actually so much more beneficial for your skin than you might realize.

The problem with those nylon brushes on the Clarisonic or other cleansing devices is that the bristles can cause very small abrasions and damage your skin which can lead to severe irritation.

Many folks know that those brushes felt really rough but they do not realize that they are actually making micro abrasions.

Another crucial fact is that nylon brushing heads stay damp for as much as ten hours, which make them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is one of the key reasons why people that use them have very bad breakouts.

With the Zoe, all these issues do not exist. You will save lots of money by not having to buy new brush heads. Bacteria are also not a problem because Zoe is made with ultra hygienic medical grade silicone.

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How to Use Zoe Deep Cleansing Facial Brush


Wash your face with water and then apply your cleanser. Once you place it on your skin, you take the Zoe, you turn it on and choose flat side for deep cleansing.

You will immediately feel that it’s working and that it feels so nice.

You should do it in circular motion and because it has this teardrop shape you can get in the crevices and in hard-to-reach areas.

You can definitely tell that it’s really exfoliating but I don’t feel like I’m tugging on my face at all. This is great because it feels really gentle.

Once you are done, your face will feel so soft, you will feel like you just got a facial.

Next you will apply your moisturizer on your face first and then you’re gonna use the device to massage the moisturizer in. It helps press the product into your skin.

What you do is turn it on and then they say if you want you can reduce the vibration strength for a skin care. In a rolling motion you use this to help press in the product. It feels like a massage. I could do this all day!

This is supposed to help your skin absorb the products really well and it’s supposed to help with anti aging.

I always feel like my face absorbs the moisturizer so much quicker and that makes me really happy because usually I put on moisturizer before my makeup and then I have to wait for about 10 minutes for my skin to absorb the moisturizer before I can put on my makeup. But now I feel like it’s completely absorbed.

This is going to speed up your makeup routine because it will feel like your products are totally absorbed in your skin and you can just go straight into applying foundation.

I love Zoe. I’m gonna give this electric face brush a giant thumbs up. I think it’s so quick, it’s so easy, it’s so cute and it makes my skin feel amazing.

I definitely would recommend this to any and everybody, including men because this is so easy, it does everything that you could possibly want and my skin feels like I just went to the spa.

Available in six colors:

zoe colors

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