3-in-1 Anti Aging Electric Face Cleansing Brush

You are about to find out how to get your skin really, really clean!

This deep cleansing facial brush will clean your face better than your hands ever could. It’s the easiest way to cleanse your skin! It is a completely new way to care for your skin.

electric face cleansing brush

This gadget merges aesthetically spectacular design with extraordinary functionality.

Zoe by QYKSONIC is the first and only 3 in 1 anti aging sonic beauty device that cleanses, massages and gently applies all your favorite skin care products.

It is made for all skin types, including sensitive, and is gentle enough to even exfoliate your lips!

Made of ultra hygienic medical grade silicone (which is 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles), Zoe’s 2,000 touch points bring a spa-like experience to your daily home beauty routine.

It delivers impressive 6000 sonic pulsations into your facial skin every time you use it. You can choose between 15 different intensity settings.

zoe face cleansing device

Transdermal sonic pulsations work deep into the skin layers to cleanse it gently and deeply. When in cleansing mode, the skin’s surface is subjected to “patting” motions created by these pulsations. As a results, dirt and makeup are dislodged from the pores.

This is a much better process than using spinning nylon brushes that might harm skin’s elasticity due to their pulling and pinching effects.

Another awesome feature is an anti-aging mode on Zoe’s reverse side. Lower-frequency pulsations deliver anti-aging massage to diminish the signs of aging. This increases micro-blood circulation and relaxes facial muscles, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The secret is Zoe’s unique petal shaped design.

best electric face brush

Perfect for cleaning even the hardest to reach areas around your nose and eyes.

First use the thinner, softer, silicone bristles on Zoe’s front side to unclog 99.5% of the impurities in your pores, while cleansing away dead skin cells.

sonic face brush

Next use the medium to hard silicone bristles on Zoe’s backside to simulate a micro needle treatment that provides a gentle anti-aging massage.

deep cleansing facial brush

But Zoe is not done yet!

Instead of applying skin care product with your fingers allowing the bacteria, dirt and oils on your hands to wind up on your face, use Zoe’s anti microbial silicone head on the back of the device.

So now all your favorite beauty products are absorbed gentler, deeper and cleaner thanks to Zoe’s press and roll massaging action.

top rated facial cleansing brush

With Zoe’s easy to clean silicone design, you’ll never buy another expensive replacement brush head again.

Zoe is fully rechargeable and delivers up to 300 uses on a single charge.

Since it’s so small and sleek just drop Zoe in its nano fiber pouch and bring your personal five-star skincare routine with you wherever you go.

Zoe is 100% waterproof and you should use it morning and night for 2 minutes.

Why use outdated nylon brushes to wash your face when you could use electric sonic facial cleansing brush? Why use something that is good when you could have something that is phenomenal?

With Zoe, you’ll NEVER have to buy costly replacement brush heads!

The huge problem with nylon brushes is that the bristles cause tiny abrasions and damage to your skin. This usually results in terrible irritation and aggravation.

There is another big problem with those nylon brush heads. They stay damp for hours, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This is one of the reasons why many women that use them have bad breakouts!

With ZOE, you can forget about these problems!

Get incredibly clean, glowing and healthy skin with Zoe!

Available in six colors:

zoe colors

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Customer Review

ZOE by QYKSonic Review

 7 Reasons to Use The Best Electric Face Cleanser

  1. Thorough facial skin sonic cleansing
  2. Next-phase micro-firming massage
  3. Massaging pulsations take aim at wrinkle-prone areas, smoothing and firming your skin
  4. Increased absorption of skin care creams and lotions
  5. More hygienic application of skincare products
  6. Significantly reducing the size of pores by unclogging them and removing makeup, dirt and oil
  7. Dead skin exfoliation without skin irritation

User Review

Today I’m gonna talk about a new product by a company called QYKSONIC. It’s a 3-in-1 beauty cleansing device.

This is the box that it came in.

zoe box

It’s pretty sturdy and have a little magnetic closure at the bottom. There’s also a little baggie so you can store your device in it. It also comes with a little USB charger. You get an authenticity card and user manual as well.

Zoe retails for $149. It is made by a company based out of urban California. I do believe they launched this internationally at the end of 2017.

The cleansing part would be on the side of the brush where you have your power button and your plus and minuses to adjust it.

The back portion has bigger touch points and this is where it would help to apply your skincare products.

The reasoning behind that is to keep your hands out of the mix so you’re not spreading the germs that could be on your hands all over your face.

You’re just supposed to rock it when you’re putting on your skin care stuff and it kind of massages your face while you’re putting it on.

So that’s why it’s a three-in-one electric skin cleansing brush.

The deep cleanser pulses 6000 pulsations per minute and has 15 adjustable settings. So when you turn it on, you can do plus or minus to have the pulsation or the vibrating portion of it changed based on your needs.

It has this really unique petal design. One of my favorite things I would say about it is the petal design. When you’re cleansing your face, also when you’re massaging because it happens at the same time, you can get into these hard-to-reach areas.

You can get on the top of your nose, you can get right in between your brows, it just is really good at getting up in these areas. With other devices that I’ve used, it’s a little bit more difficult to get in there.

So that is one of the things that I really like about it. You can get pretty close up into your eye area. You don’t really want to get too far into your eye, but if you turn the setting way down, you could use that to help really press in your skin care using the back side.

The brush is made from silicone which is medical grade and antimicrobial so you do not have to worry about manual cleansing brushes or brush heads needing to be replaced because this is already going to be pretty sanitary.

Each Zoe device has 2,000 touch points to help cleanse, massage and exfoliate your skin.

Going to the benefits of this product, it reduces pores, it is supposed to help reduce wrinkles and it gently exfoliates your skin.

I really like having a cleansing device just to make sure that my skin gets really clean. I do personally switch between using a cleansing device like Zoe and a manual brush, just depending on what my skin needs.

This is really nice because it does do gentle cleansing, gentle exfoliation so you’re not having to worry about your skin overreacting to it, especially if you’re sensitive.

A lot of times I just want something a little more gentle or my skin doesn’t need as much exfoliation so I don’t want to use a harsh cleansing brush every day. So I like having the option of this.

If you don’t already have a cleansing device or you do and you’re thinking about making a switch, I would definitely recommend Zoe.

Again just for the design I feel like it works really well at getting in all the nooks and crannies on your face and especially around the nose, which is the area that most of us want to unclog our pores and make our pores shrink. If you can’t get in there with your cleansing device, what good is it doing you.

I hope you guys consider making a purchase if you are looking for an electric face cleansing brush.

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