Comparison of Facial Cleansing Devices (Mia vs. Luna vs. Zoe)

Today we are doing a comparison of facial cleansing devices. This is something I feel really strongly about.

Every single one of you should be using a skin cleansing device at home. Cleansing your skin is the foundation for your entire skincare routine. Every other step rests upon this foundation, upon this necessity of clean skin.

So if cleansing is that important, why not do it better?

Using a cleansing device removes 99.5% of all dirt, bacteria, dead skin, icky stuff on the surface. It’s the most effective way to cleanse your skin.

The first cleansing device that we’re going to talk about today is the Clarisonic.

This is the Clarisonic Mia 2.

Clarisonic Mia 2

It’s one of three different options that they offer. Mia 1, one setting, Mia 2, two settings (speeds) and then the Smart Profile which is their professional option, which I would suggest if you are gonna get a Clarisonic device.

I love a multitasker and the Clarisonic Smart Profile has different heads that you remove and pop in. You can turn it into a pedicure device or a facial massage or a makeup brush in addition to using it as a cleansing device.

The Clarisonic has an oscillating bristle brush head. It kind of wiggles things off of the surface and out of your pores.

If you have a rotary brush at home, a cleansing device that spins in a circle, round and round, grab that device right now, walk into your kitchen, open your trash can and put it in there.

The problem with a rotary brush is that it actually pulls the skin as its spins and what that does is break down your collagen and elastin, prematurely aging your skin.

It’s the last thing that you want to do.

It’s totally opposite goal then creating a clean environment for all of the other products to work more effectively. You’re actually just making them all work way harder.

Now that we know that, oscillating bristle brush or a sonic cleansing device? We’ll get to that next.

The Clarisonic brush has a nylon bristle brush head. There are different ones that you can pop in and out.

If you are using a Clarisonic device, I’m gonna suggest, and I tell this to all of my friends, that the only brush head you should be using is this one:


This is the Clarisonic Luxe cashmere brush head. It is soft and fluffy and it feels so nice on your skin. It is just as effective as all of the other brush heads but much gentler.

The problem with the nylon bristle is that it can actually cause little microscopic punctures on the skin surface, which causes a lot of irritation and sensitivity.

A lot of people complain about this. I’ve noticed it myself. It does not happen when I use the cashmere brush head.

So if you’re having any sensitivity with the Clarisonic, I’d suggest swapping over to the cashmere brush.

The most important thing that you need to remember about using the Clarisonic brush is that after every single use, you are going to remove your brush head from your device and you are going to wash it off with soap and water and leave it sitting upright on your sink to dry, not in your shower.

This is going to help prevent the cesspool of bacteria that is going to collect in your brush head.

You’re also going to replace your brush head every three months.

That’s probably the biggest issue that the cleansing brushes have – they collect a lot of icky bacteria. Instead of cleansing your skin, you’re actually reintroducing all of this bacteria into the skin, so it’s the exact opposite of what you want.

The Clarisonic brush is really straightforward.

It beeps to let you know to move to a new section of your face and then it beeps again when your time is up for an effective cleanse.

Because of this collection of bacteria that builds up in the brushes, I suggest that if you haven’t bought a cleansing device yet, that you get a silicone cleansing device.

Silicone is an anti microbial material so you’re not gonna have to worry about bacteria building up on your device.

The next device we’re gonna talk about is the Foreo Luna.

It’s made of antimicrobial silicone. It comes in multiple options. This is the Luna 2:


There’s Luna 2 mini, Luna Go and Luna Play.

This Luna 2 has silicone touch points on one side and ridges on the other.

The touch points come in different ‘flavors’. Luna 2 comes in 4 different options based on skin type. This pink one is for dry, sensitive skin.

I think that’s the downside – the fact that they don’t have one device that fits all skin types. You need to pick it for the specific skin type that you have.

The upper touch points are a little denser, thicker and scrubbier. Below these are touch points that are a little softer and gentler.

It has different settings. You turn it on and then you can turn it up all the way or turn it down.

Next you gonna use the backside.

When you’re done cleansing, you turn your device off and it goes into a rest mode until you turn it on second time.

You are going to rinse off your cleanser, put on your serum and moisturizer. You gonna turn the device back on and it’s going to automatically set you up for your anti-aging mode.

You’re gonna put your product on the skin and you’re just gonna kind of press and roll it into the skin. Because it’s ultrasonic you’re gonna get a nice little massage action happening there too.

I bought this and I was really happy with it and I probably never would have thought that I needed another cleansing device until I met Zoe by QYKSONIC.


She’s my favorite! I love her!

I will never suggest that you do anything to your skin that I wouldn’t do on my skin. I am 100 percent the worst salesperson. I’m never trying to sell a product that I do not truly believe in. I’m just bad at it. If I love it I can sell it.

I truly love this device. It is my favorite cleansing device.

You might think but it’s so similar to the Luna, and you know what, it definitely is, but let’s talk about the differences.

They are both made of antimicrobial silicone. They’re both ultrasonic cleansing devices that cleanse on one side and have anti-aging product penetration on the other.

Luna vibrates 8,000 times per minute, the Zoe vibrates 6,000 times per minute. (There are other models by QYKSONIC that have more pulsations per minute. I’ll mention them at the end of this article.)

Luna holds its charge for 450 uses, whereas Zoe does it for 300.

Zoe’s plug is on the bottom, it has a little cord that you just pop it in there. Luna’s is on the back side. So you have to plug Zoe twice a year instead of once a year like Luna. I don’t think that’s that big of a deal.

Zoe has 2000 silicone touch points, Luna has 1,000, because it’s just on one side and there are ridges on the other. I think that is a really big difference between the devices, these silicone touch points.

The Zoe has 15 different settings. You can change the speed and really customize it to your skin. This is such a great device because it works for everybody, whereas the Luna you’re getting one specifically to your skin type.

With the Zoe, you cleanse with one side and then you’re gonna do product penetration on the other. So you turn it on, you turn it up to cleanse, you turn it off and then you turn it back on and it automatically goes to a lower setting for product penetration.

The touch points on the back side mimic a micro needling treatment and you are just gonna roll it onto the skin, press and roll and you can either put your product on to your skin or on to the device and press it in.

I love the way Zoe feels.

It’s like a little massage, it really feels like it’s pushing the product in, whereas I liked it with the Luna, but it’s really not the same feeling.

The biggest difference I would say other than the touch points is the shape.

Zoe is petal.

What’s cool about this shape, and it was really the selling point for me, is that I can much more easily get into all of the areas that I need to with this device – under the eye, over the eye, sides of the nose, lips. I love exfoliating my lips with this device. If you try to do that with your Clarisonic brush head, you are 100% getting cleanser in your mouth.

If you haven’t bought a device yet, I would highly suggest getting Zoe.

To recap, everyone should be using a cleansing device. They much more efficiently cleanse your skin than using hands alone.

If you’re going to do one of the silicone options, whether you get the Luna or the Zoe, you’re not only getting a cleansing device (I love multitaskers), but you are also getting an anti-aging product penetrating massager.

Using a cleansing device is the easiest way to exponentially increase the efficacy of every other product you’re using in your skincare routine.

I highly recommend that you use a cleansing device morning and night to cleanse your skin.

All three of these cleansing devices work great with any type of cleanser, even oil cleansers.

I use my Zoe over an oil cleanser all of the time and I feel like it pushes it in so much more that my skin is left so hydrated and soft. I really love the way how it feels.

Other QYKSONIC models (for all skin types):

  • ZOE Bliss – 7500 micro-pulsations per minute; 500 uses per single charge; 1600 touch points.
  • ZOE Plus – 9000 T-sonic pulsations per minute; 500 uses per single charge; 3000 touch points.
  • ZOE Lux – 9000 T-sonic pulsations per minute; 300 uses per single charge; 1800 touch points.

Click here to see these models!


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