QYKSonic Zoe Review – Good or Bad?

Today I have a quick little review for you ladies.

It’s about QYKSonic Zoe facial cleansing device and I am excited to share with you my experience with it. I’ve been playing around with this brush for the past few months.

zoe face cleansing device

Zoe allows you to not only take off your makeup, but it also massages your beauty products into your skin and promotes anti-aging.

I used to use my Clarisonic brush a lot but I stopped using it because I noticed that my skin started to become a little bit dryer and tender and I needed to use products that were more sensitive.

So I was really excited to test out the Zoe facial cleanser because of people talking about how gentle it is to the skin.

Zoe is a sonic brush. You just press the simple power button and then to the left and right of it are the strength settings. There are 15 different settings to make it stronger or lighter depending on your preference and depending on what your skin can take.

I usually do it on four. It is the setting that I like the most. Since there are 15 different settings on this device you can really customize it to your skin type.

best electric face cleanser

The front part of the floral pattern is the flat side. It is the part that you use for cleansing and the bristles are super soft. Everything is made out of silicone.

In the back you have the massager and this side is used to massage any of your creams or oils into the skin, which is really great.

I’ve been using both sides as part of my routine and I really love the cleansing because it’s just super gentle on the skin and it’s really light exfoliation. I wouldn’t say it’s a strong exfoliator but it gently cleanses the skin and clears out the pores.

Something I really like about using this device over the Clarisonic is that I can do my lips.

What I love about this product is that it lasts up to three years. So that is a great bang for your buck compared to some of the other stuff,like Clarisonic, where you would have to change up the brush heads every three months.

The reason why you have to change out the brushes for Clarisonic is because bacteria builds up over time and then also the bristles wear out.

electric face cleansing brush

But with Zoe, the bristles do not wear out because it’s silicone and it stays bacteria free because of the silicone base.

Like I said, it is not only delicate on the skin, it is super hygienic. It’s actually 35 times more hygienic than a regular brush cleanser.

The reason why it is so hygienic is because it’s actually medical grade silicone that they used to create this product.

It’s so super hygienic that you can actually share this with someone else and all you have to do is just rinse it off afterwards.

You’re always gonna want to clean your cleansing device when you’re finished with it. Even though it’s antimicrobial silicone you still want to keep your Zoe clean.

I’ve been using the massager side when I’m applying my night masks or my vitamin E oil that I use regularly as a part of my skincare routine. It’s been doing wonders because normally I use my fingers, so I don’t want to pull up my skin or tug at it. But this has been super gentle and actually has been doing a better job of massaging products into the skin.

deep cleansing facial brush

You have to use a rolling motion to get it into the skin and I think it really does a great job in a way that my skin is absorbing more of the moisture rather than coming off on my fingers.

This is not a battery-operated product which is great. That means you don’t have to go and keep buying more batteries.

You can simply charge it with a regular USB cord that comes with the package. This is perfect because, when you’re thinking about it, you’re making a pretty decent investment with this but it lasts three years and you don’t need to go out and buy more batteries. It’s one-time fee and you’ve got this product for three years.

Another benefit to this product, which I guess differentiates it from the Clarisonic brush or any other brush head cleaners, is that usually brushes tend to be a little bit more rough on the skin and create micro abrasions, pretty much small tears on the skin.

This is super gentle and it does not do that. Again, I cannot get enough of how gentle it is and how durable it is.

It is a durable, gentle machine and the last thing I have to point out is the shape of this thing. It looks funny and cute but it’s actually super beneficial and gets into all these little crevices, into all the top corners that you normally would have a hard time using a circular or round brush.


This goes into every little corner and the bristles will go all the way to the tip so you’re getting cleansing in all the areas or moisturizing in all the areas that you sometimes can miss.

I love this product. I’m super excited to have it and I can’t get enough of it. I think I’m gonna get my husband on it too.

I’m tired of using the old Clarisonic brush that I don’t use anymore and then these little foam pads that we’ve been using to cleanse our face.

I think this is so much better and it’s so worth the investment.

It lasts 300 uses per charge, it’s super hygienic, it gets into the tight spots, gentle on the skin, you don’t have to change your brush head and it comes in different colors.

If you’re a fan of yellow, pink, blue, whatever, there’s a rainbow selection of colors.

zoe colors

The retail value is only $199 and that’s for three years as opposed to switching out brush heads or buying pads to clean your face.

So start cleansing your skin with the QYKSonic Zoe.

This is my favorite cleansing device because it is an anti microbial silicone ultrasonic cleansing device. It cleanses on one side and does product penetration on the other.

This is going to very effectively cleanse your skin, giving you a foundation for the rest of your skincare routine.

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