Top Rated Facial Cleansing Brush (3-in-1 Skincare Device)

Let me introduce you to the best skin care facial device that you will ever come across. So many women are talking about it on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s Zoe facial cleansing brush by QYK Sonic.

top rated facial cleansing brush

I just absolutely love this electric brush. My skin has gone to another level because of this little device.

I’m going to share with you why this cute little device will literally change your skin as well.

I love experimenting with skin care and beauty products. I am super choosy, super picky about what I use. It has to be something that I’m very passionate about, something that I get excited about. I don’t just throw different things on my skin. It’s just not me.

When I was at my aesthetician’s office the other day to get my first facial in 3 years, I found that she carries QYK Sonic Zoe.

She was talking about all the benefits of it and why it’s so great for your skin. She’s the one that introduced me to this brand. I have never heard of this company before.

It is 3 in 1 facial cleansing brush. It’s going to cleanse your skin, it’s going to exfoliate your skin and it’s also going to give you a nice facial massage, which is going to stimulate circulation in your skin, which is always super beneficial.

But it is also going to, when you flip it around, massage your skincare serums and your skin care moisturizers.

It is going to help them penetrate those actives in your skin even that much deeper.

I will tell you, and this is not even exaggeration, since I started using this device, my skin really has gone to the next level.

It feels like you’re giving yourself a facial every single time you use it. It takes your skin to a whole other level that you don’t even think was possible until you use this facial cleansing brush.

zoe face cleansing device

A lot of you might think that this looks like the Foreo. This is not like the Foreo. It is actually different and it is so much better than the Foreo.

But before I talk about the differences between the two, there’s also the famous Clarisonic and their facial cleansing brush. You will never see me using one of those ever again. I haven’t used one in the years. They are so bad for your skin, they just carry so much bacteria on them.

They actually will cause microscopic tears in your skin, which overtime will really hurt and deplete your skin’s natural barrier.

Now let’s talk about the differences between Zoe and the Foreo because that is the main question many people ask.

The very first, the very obvious thing in terms of the differences between Zoe and the Foreo is the shape.

best electric face brush

The Foreo is a round, kind of dome tarp.


Zoe is more pointy. This is going to give you an amazing accuracy when you are cleaning and deep cleaning the pores around your nose. That is where I will get bigger pores and blackheads.

So when I’m cleaning my skin, you can really get all the areas that are hard-to-reach. So, your nose, around your eyebrows, etc.

This helps to keep my skin smooth, exfoliated and soft. So you can do all those hard to reach areas so much easier, so much better with this tool.

One side is the cleansing side and then the other side is the deep cleansing side, which is also used for your skin care products penetration.

This side is a little bit more rougher texture but you can use it on your body, you can also use this for more deep cleaning on your face as well. The other side is a little bit finer and softer.

Some of the other differences between Zoe and the Foreo is that Foreo has different models for sensitive skin, for normal skin, for oily skin, etc.

Zoe is your all-in-one. When you turn it on, it’s going to start vibrating, it actually has a plus and a minus up close and you can actually crank this up, it has 15 different settings.

So no matter if you’re sensitive, no matter if you are completely not sensitive, you have dry skin or oily skin, you can take this and you can put it to whatever intensity your skin needs for that day.

For me personally, I change it up. Sometimes my skin is a little bit more sensitive for the day, sometimes my skin needs extra deep cleaning. You can completely customize how you want to use this every single time you use it.

A lot of times in the morning, I just keep mine on a low setting and just do a very gentle cleanse. But at night when I want to take off my make up and make sure I get my skin clean, I will pump up the setting and make it a little bit more intense, a little bit more of a deep cleaning.

top rated facial cleansing brush

I really love that you can customize this and use it to the intensity that you want every single time.

Zoe has 6000 pulses per minute that are pulsing through out the entire body of this unit. The Foreo has only two spots where the pulses are coming from.

This whole unit is going to give you that pulsing massage, that pulsing vibration. It’s not just from two different spots.

This is actually a huge difference. You want that whole thing to be giving you a nice even penetration and nice even massage and nice even cleanse.

Zoe is made from medical grade silicone so it is never going to collect bacteria on it. All you have to do every single time you use it is take a little soap, clean it off, pat dry it and let it sit on your sink.

That is all you have to do. It will never ever build up bacteria.

I love this guy. It is so amazing.

When you start using it, you will feel and you will see a difference in your skin. Your skin care products are going to penetrate better into your skin, you are cleansing your skin so much more effectively with this.

When I cleanse my skin, I just take my cleanser, I apply it and I just start washing my face just a little bit and then I turn the Zoe on. You can go up in intensity, you can go down in intensity and all you have to do is take it in little circles and you just go all over your skin.

Use a side that is a little bit thicker and what you do is you hold it and you rock it back and forth over your skin and this is going to really help to penetrate and get those actives deeper into your skin because it’s pulsing, creating that circulation, that massage and that’s driving the ingredients deeper into your skin.

I really make sure to focus around my nose and I also get on top of my nose but you can really work this all over and it’s just a super effective way to really clean your skin and clean out those pores.


I’m friends with many cosmetic dermatologists and many of them use the Zoe in their offices. They all say the same thing. They say it’s truly top rated. It is only thing they recommend to their patients.

It really is the best. It’s super effective.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the QYK Sonic Zoe facial cleansing brush.

It does come in multiple different colors.

I love it. It is truly a facial every single day!

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